Ghost Server Configuration

Rather than copy/pasting everything, links will be provided to tutorials.

Configure DigitalOcean Droplet for Ghost

First create a new Ubuntu 16.04 server from the DO dashboard

Initial Server Setup
Step 1: Root Login
Step 2: Create a New User
Step 3: Root Privileges
Step 4: Set Up a Basic Firewall

Install Nginx on Ubuntu 16.04
Step 1: Install Nginx
Step 2: Adjust the Firewall
Step 3: Check your Web Server

Secure Nginx with Let’s Encrypt on Ubuntu 16.04
Step 1: Install Let’s Encrypt Client
Step 2: Obtain an SSL Certificate
Step 3: Configure TLS/SSL on Web Server (Nginx)
Step 4: Adjust the Firewall
Step 5: Enabling the Changes in Nginx
— Enable HTTP/2
Enable Brotli File Compression
Step 6: Set Up Auto Renewal

Install MariaDB on Ubuntu 16.04
Enable Unattended Updates On The Server (Follow Step 12)
Enable Scheduled Snapshots

Install Ghost

Install Yarn
CLI Tool for installing & updating Ghost
Install Ghost 1.0 alpha
Confirm Production Environment Domain/Ghost/About/

Configure Ghost

Enable Email Password Reset
Enable New User Notifications
Enable KeyCDN
Enable API Reboot And Purge Cache Commands
Import Sample Data