Website Development and Support

Are you looking for creative, knowledgeable website development pros to help you achieve your potential?

spectacular results for an affordable price

We will…

  • Produce spectacular results for an affordable price.
  • Listen to your ideas and suggestions.
  • Complete your project to satisfaction on-time and on-budget.
  • Help your website achieve your vision and InterWeb potential.
Create a new site or redesign an existing site

We can…

  • Create a new site or redesign an existing site.
  • Troubleshoot naughty code or add new stuff.
  • Find, install & tweak themes and plugins to bend them to will.
  • Recite a bunch of important sounding acronyms, but we won’t! web-developer-cloud-based-site
Experience with all phases of website development

We have…

  • Decades of web programming experience
  • Experience with all phases of website development.
  • Full fluency in all InterWeb technologies and languages.
  • Respect and love for clean, sincere code.


Some website samples

  • afflovest
  • AppliedPackagingTechnicians
  • AtlantaIntegratedSystems
  • autismepigenetics
  • GlobalJet
  • joe-pierce
  • MagicMusicBand
  • MarshallAustin
  • bridalnegotiator
  • JMuzacz
  • CelticConnection
  • CloudBasedSite
  • CrypticResponse
  • ElmTreeStudio
  • HarborHome
  • igoproducts
  • BelizeScuba
  • BioNewsFeeds
  • BioNewsTexas
  • BioNewsServices
  • MultipleSclerosisNews
  • MysticPharmaceuticals
  • SILVERMANApartments
  • TexasSeniorCareNews


We break down the website development process into four stages.

Define website development goals, assets, tasks, agreement

1. Define goals, assets, tasks, agreement

We will discuss your plans and brainstorm new ideas. Goals will be defined. All assets will be identified and collected. Any missing elements will be identified and listed along with who will be gathering these assets. Specialty plugins needed for the project will be identified and budgeted. 

Server installation and data migration and entry

2. Server installation and data migration/entry

We’ll create a development site independent of your current website on a cloud based virtual private server and add security encryption. We’ll also install and configure whatever specialty plugins that are required for your project. We will gather the data and media from your current site and/or other specified assets, then import everything to the development site.

Integrate website design, review site & define revisions

3. Integrate design and fine tune functionality

Now that all the pieces are in play we will integrate the design with the content according to the requirements of the project. The pages will be laid out and navigated according to plan. Once everything starts to get sorted out we will reach out for comment. After  a couple email exchanges, we will get together to go through the site and create a revision list.

Complete website revisions, administration tutorial, launch

4. Complete revisions, administration tutorial session

We will complete all revisions according to specifications. Then we’ll get together on the phone again and we’ll show you how to manage all your content and media. We will do a screen share so we can both see the same thing at the same time. Each process involved in managing your content, media, and plugin functions  will be discussed and demonstrated in detail. 

Your Path Forward

Free Consultation


free website development consulation

Contact Us

To get started send us your name, email and phone number along with the most convenient time to call. Send us the URL to your project and any other sites that we should be familiar with before we talk. We’ll do a screen share when we talk so we can all be looking at the same thing as we go through your project together. Once we have outlined all tasks, assets, and goals, we will review the project as a whole and get back with you with a solid quotation of time and cost.